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Sex and the City E! True Hollywood Story…

this video got me soo stoked while i was browsing on YouTube for interesting clips. oddly enough, i always miss this one whenever it would be aired on tv so im putting it out here for all the hardcore fans who want to see it again & for people who havent seen it yet. raise your cosmopolitans ladies :)

annnnnnnd here you go!


Sex and the City will always have a special place in my heart… TGIF to all of you jossanatix ♥

spread the love!!! x ;0


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the bitch in apartment 23…


it was that time again for me to go look for a new capable tv series to immaculately follow, now that most of the shows i like are on hiatus! and lemme just say that i found gold in Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. after the seven episodes, i took my twitter and posted…

personally, i find it appalling that the producers of this show, decided to have the six remaining episodes as part of the next season — no scheduled date yet but the silver lining there is that Century Fox TV has given a go signal for season 2 & upgraded it into a “series regular” :)

lemme give you a quick synopsis without revealing too much…


the show tells the unconventional friendship of the 2 girls and James Van Der Beek. June moves in apartment 23 to start anew & claim her life back when her projected New York City life fell apart. June eventually discovers that her roommate Chloe aka ‘the bitch’ is a con artist but decides to stay anyway after Chloe proves out to be worth having…


another interesting facet of the show is the third lead character: the fictionalized version of James Van Der Beek — the supposed to be straight guy “gay BFF” of the eponymous bitch in the series. he later starts a friendship with June after the girls have compromised. there’s a respectful amount of effort on how this fictionalized character’s been played out in the story. they made a lot of reference to James Van Der Beek’s character in late 90s tv show Dawson’s Creek — a comedy that pokes fun at tv actors who struggle to veer away from the shadows of their wildly successful characters they have previously played. his first scene alone is hilarious!

will most definitely wait for the second season ♥  

spread the love!!! x ;0


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cleveland got hotter…


one of my tv guilty pleasures for sure!

Hot in Cleveland is about 3 forty something women from LA who decided to move to Cleveland after their plane to Paris made an emergency landing in this city. In Cleveland, these 3 girls meet and eventually keep the elderly, Elka Ostrovsky — the caretaker of the house that Melanie buys in Ohio.

the 3 girls, Melanie - the celebrated writer, Joy - the Hollywood’s eyebrow stylist to the stars, and Victoria - the soap opera actress of long running tv show ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, find peace in their new hometown while the 4th character, played by Betty White, show these 3 girls how to grow old gracefully.

the show’s focal point pokes fun at the circumstances that women of a certain age encounter and the superficialness (of the fictional characters from LA) versus the simple complexities of Cleveland. the show’s characters remind me of the dynamics of the characters in the hit tv show Will & Grace. here’s my comparison & observation:


  • Joy Scroggs = Will Truman; they have the same “luck” in love
  • Melanie Moretti = Grace Adler; the two are both clumsy and girly-like
  • Victoria Chase = Jack McFarland; both of characters are superficial, self-centered divas & crazy
  • Elka Ostrovsky = Karen Walker; the two characters have that one of a kind spunk.  

Hot in Cleveland also features a distinctive list of guest each week. heeey, did you all see the season 3 finale?!? i cant wait to see season 4!!!! xx

moving forward, and again, Sitemeter has emailed me their weekly report. here’s what i found in my inbox:


i wanna say thank you every one for the continued love. you guys are the best!!! many many thanks to you beautiful people ♥  

spread the love!!! x ;0


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madeleine stowe is back with a vengeance…

Madeleine Stowe is back on primetime television as newest femme fatale in the series Revenge — the show wins at getting its viewers hooked at the many lies & secrets unfold in the series.

here’s one of the memorable scenes of Madeleine’s character, Victoria Grayson — it remains to be my favorite “victoria moment”

understand something lydia, every time i smile at you across a room or we run into each other at a luncheon or i welcome you into my home, let that smile be a reminder of just how much i despise you… and that every time I hug you, the warmth you feel is my hatred burning through…“ — Victoria Grayson to Lydia Davis, Revenge Season 1, episode 5 “Guilt”

catch the show on Wednesday nights at 10:00 Eastern on ABC and get on with the program with television’s newest elite and fall in love with the lovely Victoria Grayson

spread the love!!! x ;0


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oh karen…


Karen Walker — she’s one of the, if not the feistiest woman to grace television.   

here i got some of her memorable quotes from the tv show, Will & Grace: 

1. “Good Lord. I can’t believe I’m at a public pool. Why doesn’t somebody just pee directly on me?…”

2. “…I want a man who can make a woman feel like a girl. And who can make that girl feel like a slut. And who can make that slut feel like a woman…”

3. “…we talked, we laughed, he walked me home. He was such a gentleman. He opened the door for me, I opened my shirt for him”

4. “Why don’t you save your anger for the bedroom, where it belongs.”

5. “God didn’t give me the ability to play the piano, or paint a picture or have compassion. But… he did give me the ability to crack a walnut with my hoo-ha…”

6. “No, honey. Like lovemaking, this is something best done by myself!”

7. “…Thats like saying Prada’s are just shoes, or vodka is just a morning beverage!…”

8. “No one’s ever picked me over their daughter before. Not Jon Voight, not Steven Tyler. Not Goldie Hawn”

9. “I haven’t felt this emotionally raw and exposed since Penthouse published those photos of me and Vanessa Williams…”

10. Oh, my. How would you like to live under my skirt?

11. “A part of me is angry, but a part of me is proud. The rest of me is just drunk.”

12. “…Speaking of chairs, you look like a fun place to sit.”

i miss karen walker and all her spunk. thank you megan mullally for sharing your exquisite talent with us 


spread the love!!! x ;0


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broke has never been this fun…


this new sitcom debuted it’s pilot episode last Sept 19 and it dares to poke fun at people who are trying to keep it to together while they pick the pieces up to get themselves back at their feet. it is not a big surprise that 2 Broke Girls got picked up for a full season last Oct 5 with Michael Patrick King as the creator & executive producer of the show — the same person who is also behind the success of Sex and the City tv & movie franchise and has worked behind Will & Grace.

Caroline, one of the main characters, whose recently shunned off of the social scene in the upper east side when news broke out that her billionaire father is an embezzler and ripped off all of Manhattan. Caroline sans her besties, ends up in Brooklyn & faces her new social status with very minimal resources and starts working in a low end restaurant where she meets a raging low self esteem waitress, Max. wackiness ensues while the two struggle the facts of life & fun begins once they start working up the ladder to realize their key to success, selling cupcakes.

2 Broke Girls is brilliantly well written. together with the supporting characters & recurring roles, it gives an effective effort in unravelling the depth of the characters as the show progresses. the show will give you a good laugh at the situation that the protagonists face & their lines will remind you of that good old Karen Walker spunk. here are my favorite memorable quotes from the pilot episode »»»»»»»»


back up jersey shore… you’re pathetic & that’s coming from someone who is homeless & wearing white after a labor day…" — Caroline Channing


oh no. this is not okay! we’re not keeping a mattress on the floor. we’re poor… not a crackheads!…" — Max Black

here’s one of the recurring characters that i love. the other 1 would be nick zano’s! now get a load of 2 Broke Girls’ resident Manhattan socialite diva 


"max, i need to tell you something because we’re family. now get me room temperature water & come over here…" — Peach Landis 

the show gives us a fresh taste of what tv entertainment is all about. go check it out. im sure y’all will enjoy it as much as i do ♥ 


spread the love!!! x ;0


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one last liar…

Cougar Town was one of the tv shows that i was excited to see in 2009. the title alone is pretty interesting and it served as a comeback vehicle for Friends star, Courtney Cox. i looked forward to every episode each week knowing that Nick Zano will be on it. i thought the show was very original with older women being involved with younger men as its selling point. personally, it was all fun until it veered away from the show’s title and moved to a different direction. yes, im no longer following that show…

moving on to a far different show, last year, ABC launched Pretty Little Liars. it’s a tv show that combined the Desperate Housewives & Gossip Girl “formula”. i found myself addicted to it especially with the roster of young men that they have casted. such eye candies. each episode is exciting…


the title of the show got me very intrigued, the story line follows four young girls that were reunited a year after the death of the 5th girl of their group. liars have never been this glamorized in the face of tv. just when these four girls rekindle their friendship, an omniscient texter who goes by name “A”, constantly torments the main characters. the four decide to stick together on finding out who is bullying them and every episode ends with a lead on the identity of their anonymous texter. 

last week, i was almost ready to give this tv series a rest. the show is on its second season and the girls still dont know who “A” is. it is just exhausting to see these girls getting played at by someone. but then again, that’s just the beauty of tv. it lets you appreciate the beauty of the real world no matter how harsh or cynical it get. tv world lets you escape from all your woes. this week’s PLL turn of events turned everything around and i thought i just might change my mind about cutting this show in my “must-follow” tv show list.

i am giving Pretty Little Liars one more episode. i’d hate to have this show get canned — if only this show didnt get to be such a drag. let’s keep our fingers crossed and have a great weekend beautiful people… ♥

spread the love!!! x ;0


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