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i got snookified…


as i have mentioned in my previous blog, i started watching the latest craze that people are raving about on MTV — Jersey Shore. like most of people, i thought this show reeked of sloppiness, specially when this video came out of the net »»»»»»»

            **this video is still gets me laughing every time i see it!!!
                                             sorry snooki!!!

i agree with y’all that that video is disturbing and no woman deserves to be treated like the way that girl in the video got hit. the show got me curious even more so when the italian-americans started complaining about the show, thus the show’s ratings spiked and ironically soared high (suck on that haters!!!)

and like most people, i was wrong about the show. not only is Jersey Shore highly entertaining, it has got all the elements that will make u be hooked and care for the characters without u knowing it. this is how far i got hooked with the show:

                                             ***i got my jersey shore on & snookified myself

all the characters are all upfront about having way too much fun and sticking together like a one big happy dysfunctional family in spite of all the violence, profanity, promiscuity and alcohol in most episodes. here’s a quick note to people who’d feel like watching the show: make sure to google the many terminologies they use so you can catch up on what they are talking about. i.e. guido, juice head, DTS, DTF, grenade, pouf, etc…. 

to wind things up, Jersey Shore doesnt disappoint to entertain. to people who dont have anything good to say about the show: stop watching & quit hating!!! 

i cant wait to see the upcoming season where they all went to italy….


spread the love!!! x ;0


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