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back in the field…


after almost 4 months of hiatus, i have finally managed to get my feet back in track. just like last year, i welcomed this year with almost the same status on facebook »»»»

oddly enough, 2011 really brought it on the first week of january & bursted my bubble. i have been on sabbatical ever since! it has been a like a roller coaster ride after. many many things have come & gone. some have been good, some have been challenging and others were much better which makes me stick to my january 1st status on facebook, all im gonna take with me are just all the good stuff & memories. no regrets, just love.

this has been one of the best years of my life. 2011 turned my life around and gave me an interesting way to start the year. my january to may of this year, as my friend would always say it….., is definitely one for the books!

the tables have been turned. im now gonna get in control. im now back in the game & will go back to the regular programming. im going to bring it. 

i’ll see you later taguig…  ♥

spread the love!!! x ;0


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i spotted this new hot looking guy on TMZ and i took it upon myself to gather information and get to know who this guy is… 

**here is his picture


dax holt tweeted that he is going on his ustream chat and i did the obvious: i joined his tmzdaxchat, put the picture up there & asked who that guy in the picture is. dax read my message & said he’ll get him in the chat… the chat session went on and on, and the guy in question was never again mentioned. i took my twitter and did what i had to do after dax logged off the chat!! i tweeted dax. dax tweeted me back. i tweeted him again. he tweeted back again so on and so forth.

here’s the thread of tweets! 

**and just like that, i checked on the twitter profile of @krelrod and there i saw he tweeted dax. i tweeted him also. let’s go back to the thread of tweets!!! »» 


to be 100% honest, i still did more research. i am a not too convinced that the guy in the picture is the same guy on twitter and as i have checked further… i came across this FaceBook profile of another TMZ guy that is equally hot as that guy in the picture, posted in this entry. i wanna blog the picture of that guy i saw on FB here but i am not too sure if i am legally allowed to do that.

check Tyler Harell on FaceBook! *wink wink*

i am summoning all my physical powers to get at the bottom of this to find the answer… 

spread the love!!! x ;0


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i have arrived!!! LOL

i set myself targets & goals always. example:

  1. lose 20 lbs.


    ***this was me 20 lbs ago in my anorexic days!!! 

  2. have a pair of piercing green eyes
  3. find a boyfriend
  4. find back up boyfriend
  5. get a life… (and the list goes on and on…)

i have serious goals also that i set & some have luckily been achieved. i specifically go for goals that arent exactly easy for me to secure. the feeling that i get after a goal is met is PRICELESS!!! this is what keeps me going. goals. i was on mission to work on my last year’s goal as it had to be taken on the back burner… lemme save u your time & cut to the chase, let’s just say that it’s now a done deal! 

»» fast forward to now »» 



i have arrived —> at my GOAL!!! my heart was doing cartwheels right at that moment!!! i still dunno what my next goal is… i’ll play it by ear and go for what feels right…   

what are your goals?? make a list also!! i call dibs on channing tatum 

spread the love!!! x ;0


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