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my first recollection of this hunk is in the movie, The Juror with Demi Moore back in 1996. i never really cared for him back then. sure he was already cute, but i have never had a thing for “fetuses” i mean look at him back then… 

that changed in 1999 after i saw him in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You in 1999 and i thought, he is somebody to watch out for as he had showed signs of turning into a fine man. here take a look:

he took us all aback when he suited up in the movie Inception — i thought he looked phenomenal. you’ll find yourself wondering how his “good boy” appeal is disarming & somehow you’d wanna know why & how his innate demeanor transcends into a major turn on. 

follow his awesomeness on twitter right »» here ««

we’re on to you JGL ♥ 

spread the love!!! x ;0


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dinner is finally served…

the moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived & lemme just say that im still in a state of shock after watching this movie… ;}

my good friend not only scored us tickets for the premier night, but my friend also reserved us some very good seats — thanks very much again linds :) 
here are my dates for the movie :)
if you havent seen the movie yet, you’re missing half of your life. shame on you :P

the movie takes the cake in the realm of the girls night out for a chick flick. the dance routines & costume (or lack thereof) were all very well thought of. Channing Tatum sure knows how to dance. his wife is a very lucky woman — i cant help but feel jealous of her with the way channing dry humped & moved his hips in the movie. his performance is unnerving. i died.


the other guys didnt disappoint too. alex pettyfer brought his game & showed no sign of being out shined in the stripper-ville. he made it look so effortless. joe manganiello isnt too shabby. genius actor! he did it like a real pro. adam rodriguez & matt bomer were in their best form — i just wish they were given more screen time :) as for mr mcconaughey, the guy still has it.

the only problem i have in this movie is whenever these guys are all in one scene on stage, there’s very little window for you to marvel on each of their awesomeness & you’ll find it very difficult to choose which guy your eyes should focus on. it’s probably marketing strategy for us all to go see Magic Mike more than once which personally i think is is a win-win situation for everybody :)
you gotta hand it to the award winning director, Steven Soderbergh. you’ll be amazed that you will find yourself entertained without having to be caught up with the story line. this is the part where IMDB & Wikipedia comes in to fill in the things that i chose to ignore while watching the film. 

in hindsight and truth be told, i think Magic Mike failed to make their story line as interesting as the scenes where lead actors busted a move on stage. im probably not alone on this one but it felt like actors were just stringing some random words together in between the highly anticipated production numbers in the movie. i didnt even dare to care for the characters — i just wanted to see them dance & dare i say it, strip naked. now am i saying that this is another case of waste of resources here. no no that isnt a question. will definitely watch this movie again & im hoping for a sequel.
we’re willing to give you another chance Steven Soderbergh. the academy didnt give you an Oscar award for nothing — let’s just all hope that all of the cast will be willing to reprise their roles. and when they do, we’re all gonna be in line to watch Magic Mike 2 ♥

spread the love!!! x ;0


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he got me hooked at that “reality tv series” Laguna Beach on MTV. he is just so cute with his guy next door boyish looks. i was secretly hoping he’d end up with LC or me. he later joined the tv series One Tree Hill — i never really got to see an episode cause i keep hearing that it’s a little melodramatic but this next photo made me feel otherwise:


NOTE TO SELF: must watch One Tree Hill :) Joe Manganiello was also a part of that show at some point! :P

Stephen Colleti has gone bulkier & looks more hotter than ever. follow his tweets right »» here «« Stephen Colleti is love ♥


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his name came up while googling for a future piece i am writing about the borderline porn masterpiece, 50 Shades of Grey. this hunk’s name was mentioned as one of the possible actors to play Christian Grey if the book would have a film adaption — i thought that idea is brill :) and instead of going for “50 Shades of Grey” research, i went on a different direction and took the pleasure of marveling at the photos of this hot piece. 

and then the question hit me. how could i not have featured him yet here on this segment?!? why the hell not?! i mean look at him here at the next photo… 

while it’s true that i keep imagining the Joe Manganiello as Mr Grey whenever i try to get back to the book, the idea of Colin playing Christian doesnt seem so bad… i’d definitely sign up for a “Colin Egglesfield for Christian Grey” petition if there’d be one. he’s definitely got the goods for the movie adaptation :)

laters baby ♥ 

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my first few reveries of Julian McMahon was during his stint on “Charmed” where he played half demon & half human, Cole Turner. he is also the very capable Dr. Christian Troy on the tv series Nip/Tuck and he is the hottest plastic surgeon on television ever since! he looked like sex in a suit in every episode… i wonder what Australians have in their food because they’ve got a lot of fine looking men infiltrating the Hollywood scene :)

in the context of Hot Australians and in closing, i have 4 words to you Australia: KEEP THEM COMING PLEASE ♥ 

spread the love!!! x ;0


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atom araullo forever…

one of my best friends, xolindserwarren called me up in the middle of my nap time earlier.  linds was very enthused and advised me to check my email. i almost fell off my seat after the downloaded the attached file in the email. check it out! 


this led me to death and went straight to ATOM ARAULLO HEAVEN!!!! thanks very much xolindsey :) you’re the best!!!! — this is a good weekend or what?!? ;()

Atom Araullo FOREVER in this lifetime & in the next… ♥  

spread the love!!! x ;0


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