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in her shoes…

i finally figured out why i lost interest & stopped reading books. i have replaced it with what i like to call DVD Marathons of the tv series that i follow. now most of the tv shows that i follow have either wrapped up or they are abt to have their season’s finale. it dawned on me that the last book i bought five years ago is still laying still in the shelf waiting to be unwrapped. 

earlier today i tweeted »»»»»


here’s the twitpic  »»»»»


and here’s that book that i am talking abt »»»»»


the book has already had its film adaption »»»»»


i intentionally didnt watch at the cinemas in dire hope that i’d someday be able to read the book. it is a common fact that books are always better than their film adaption… 

im on the 5th chapter of the book now & so far im liking what im reading. enjoy the rest of your day & enjoy the weather too!!! 

spread the love!!! x ;0


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mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all??…

a full length mirror is one of the most essential "must-haves" in a room, i think. i have been scouting for one in a long time now but the ones that i stumble upon are either out of my price range or not sturdy enough. i almost bought one from muji last month but then i had a thought… how do i get it home with me?? — i ended up not buying it because it was a little bit overly priced but then there’s that silver lining that it got me a prototype already in my head on what i kinda like for my room.

i braved myself yesterday in the scorching heat to go this nearby store that specializes in mirrors. i gave them a sketch of what liked after we agreed on the measurements & materials that is going to be used and then i did a little haggling after they showed me their quotation. i also got surprised when they said that “the” mirror will be delivered 4pm of the following day. i couldnt help but wonder… are these people not getting alot of clients or are they just simply that efficient?? — im going with the latter. these people exceeded my expectations with the delivery guy getting to house at 2.30ish earlier! 

i tweeted this 20 minutes after »»»»»


here’s that custom made mirror i tweeted »»»»»


spread the love!!! x ;0


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5 years & 20lbs ago…

i went through the back up files i keep and i saw this »»»»»


once upon time, me being almost 5’6” and all, i was a pound shy from being a hundred pounds on the weighing scale!

the photo i got here with linds & andrea was taken in baguio in 2006. i have been trying to get myself back at this shape and i am failing at it immensely…

a couple of weeks back i started doing zumba but my schedule had gotten tighter that i had to put zumba on the back burner. i weighed myself today and im still somewhere around the 120-ish lbs.

im putting this up for some inspiration. hopefully me & the person that i was 5 years ago can meet halfway! im not losing my focus!

i also want to say “hi” to my Tumblr visitors and more specially to my new followers: lilsistarbenfordxxx, and lareinabmedina — thank you and i hope you guys are having a fabulous time always! 


spread the love!!! x ;0


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inhibition embraced…

first off, i need to give proper credit to patrick before going on… 

thank you patrick for allowing me to post your tweet! it had gotten me so inspired and gave me an idea to blog something about it… you have always been a good friend. thanks pat!!! x ;)

patrick tweeted this and i picked up a crazy idea on what he tweeted:


i retweeted this message and i went »»»»


inhibitions. i think it is a necessary evil for some, and for others — it’s that layer that’s leads to AWESOMENESS when peeled off. 

i have made 7 music videos and have showed it to a couple of people but never have dared to publicly share them.

i took those videos of me to have a feel of what choreographers, directors, stylists, & editors do and more importantly, to tinker on this application on my laptop called iMovie. i made those videos so that when i reach a certain age, i know i can tell that i have busted a move and i tried being hot!! *LOL*

and with patrick’s tweet, i am embracing my inhibitions, i am putting myself out there and here i share my the most recent video that i have made!! »»»»


i hope you all enjoyed the video as much i enjoyed doing it… 

spread the love!!! x ;0


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shake that groove thang…

the latest craze has caught up on me in my quest of living a healthier lifestyle! i first heard of zumba was last week when my sister-in-law, Ate Hazel, mentioned it to me in passing. i googled it and saw it on wikipedia and i thought — it’s just probably one of those fads, like hip-hop abs, 5110, trapper keepers, and mullets (thank God that era is over!)

2 nights ago, i was on skype with my friend linds & zumba was again brought to my attention and this time i checked it up on YouTube. here’s what i found »»»


this video clip has got over 13 million hits. i tried following the dance steps that they are doing in the video and boy i tell you — it is fun exclamation point!

i suggest you follow the steps in this video first — the other one has advanced Beyonce & Shakira moves that is a little tricky…

true i have tried jogging, tae-bo & even went to the extent of working out at the gym for some cardio exercise routine, but i have failed them all miserably to religiously keep that lifestyle. after seeing this YouTube video clip, i think i may have just found something hopeful that i can keep. (im keeping my fingers crossed!)

lets zumba y’all!!!


spread the love!!! x ;0


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social suicide…

my sister-in-law had to step out to buy milk for my 1 year old niece, Jilian. my marlboro lights stash was running dry and i decided to tag along. little did i know is that they were also going to visit our aunt, Tita Nieva.   

here’s the clincher. i was in my pjs and totally didnt comb my hair. i was gonna take a photo for blogging but that would be adding insult to injury! 

from the nearby convenient store, i braved myself walking on the street to get to our aunt’s house. im just so relieved that no 1 i know was there present!

moral of the story: always look at your best when buying cigarettes cause you’ll never know just where might end up!!! *LOL*

i hope y’all are looking fabulous today & always!!!! later beautiful people… 

spread the love!!! x ;0


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skype me…


the world is small as we already know from that song It’s a Small World — and Skype has made it easier for us to connect to people all over the world in just a click of a button!

i wanna thank all the geniuses behind Skype that without which i may not be able to reach friends & family in Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, Dublin, Singapore & QC… 


and thank you friends for the conference calls and for always skype-ing me!!!

the features are impressive — instant messaging, file transfers, video chat, conference calls… easy. breezy. cover girl!

if you dont have it yet, i suggest you get with the program, hook up an account, call your family and loved ones here & overseas, and then you skype me

spread the love!!! x ;0


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